Camera lens LG V30 will receive a glass lens and aperture of F/1,6

Not so long ago there was a rumor that the camera of the smartphone LG V30 can get a lens with a record in the sector aperture, which is F/1,6.

Company LG Electronics has officially confirmed this information, noting that a lens with an aperture of F/1,6 captures 25% more light than a lens with an aperture of F/1,8. At the moment the market leader is the Samsung Galaxy S8, the lens has aperture of F/1,7.

In addition, the camera lens of LG V30 will get glass lenses and will be called the LG Crystal Clear Lens. Glass allows you to better collect light and transmit color than the plastic. The manufacturer claims that LG V30 is an ideal smartphone for fans of mobile photo and video.

LG claims that LG V30 when shooting wide-angle photo distortion has been reduced by a third compared to LG V20. This allows to obtain more quality shots indoors, groups of people and large landscapes.

The camera module LG V30 decreased by 30% compared to the V20 LG camera, it is equipped with a laser autofocus system, and also systems optical and electronic image stabilization.



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