Camera Hasselblad X1D topped the ranking of DxOMark, the first getting more than 100 points

Specialists DxOMark tested the first compact mirrorless camera medium format Hasselblad X1D. She was the first who received a DxOMark rating of more than 100 points.

Assessment Hasselblad X1D — 102 points. What are the components of it is shown in the table below:

To Hasselblad X1D record rating was a full-frame SLR camera Nikon D850, at the beginning of the month, first earned the maximum of the then current rating of 100 points. This camera having a smaller sensor is superior to the Hasselblad X1D by color depth (bits vs 26,4 26,2), demonstrates the same dynamic range (14,8 EV), but inferior in sensitivity in low light (2660 ISO vs ISO 4489). Recall that Nikon D850 costs $3,300, and X1D Hasselblad — $9000.


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