Camera for presentations ELMO MX-1 Visual Presenter is equipped with interface USB 3.0

The company’s product range has expanded ELMO presentation camera MX-1 Visual Presenter. It enables you to broadcast to computers or external monitors objects in its field of view. The main application area for these cameras is an educational process where they can be used to show a large number of students, for example, the experience produced on the laboratory table, or a textbook, which the teacher on the table.

According to the manufacturer, the MX-1 Visual Presenter — the first camera of this kind that supports a resolution of 4K. It is equipped with interface USB 3.0, which can transmit Full HD video with frame rates up to 60 fps or 4K video with frame rates up to 30/s. as options the offered block Connect Box that allows you to connect the camera to monitors with HDMI inputs and RGB (VGA).

The manufacturer also calls the MX-1 Visual Presenter presentation thinnest camera. When folded, the size of the device is equal to 73,2 x 244 x 18 mm, in the unfolded — 73,2 x 294,3 x 298 mm. the camera Weighs 2.4 kg.

Source: ELMO


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