Camera Detu F4 Plus shoots spherical panoramas with a resolution of 8K

Shown in the illustration, the device appeared in the range of Detu. It’s called F4 Plus is a panoramic camera with a viewing angle of 360°. Camera designed the survey materials for virtual reality applications. It allows you to take photos, shoot video and stream with a resolution of 8K (7680 x 3840 pixels). Frame rate is 30 fps.

Design Detu F4 Plus includes four IMX117 Sony sensor format 1/2,3 inch resolution of 12 MP. Each of them is paired with lens fisheye with a viewing angle of 200°. For broadcast you can use Ethernet or wireless connection Wi-Fi range 2.4 or 5.0 GHz. The video is compressed according to the H. 264 standard. File format video — MP4, photos — HPG. As removable media are four cards microSD up to 128 GB each.

Combining images from four cameras performs DetuStitch, according to the manufacturer, coping well even with very dynamic scenes. The camera is equipped with two microphones.

Removable battery capacity of 4800 mA * h provides the camera without recharging for two hours. Charged it for three hours. Complete battery charger capable of charging two batteries at once. To control camera using mobile app for iOS and Android.

Camera F4 Plus is positioned as a professional solution and costs $2599.


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