Camera Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is more difficult to disassemble than its predecessor

As we already reported, at the end of August were presented full frame SLR camera Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. Since the announcement a little time has passed, but the company LensRentals has already managed to get a new product. Moreover, its experts have looked inside the unit and shared with the world their findings.

To disassemble the device was more difficult than expected by researchers. This makes it different from other Canon cameras that I had to disassemble LensRentals. The successive alternation of loosening the portions of the screws and separation of the next node is added the necessity of dismantling the greater part of the shell housing, which is fastened with plastic latches. The matter explain this complexity by the desire of manufacturers to protect the camera from the elements.

Part of the design relating to the liquid crystal display has become more difficult since the display is touch sensitive.

Compared to the previous model increased the number of flexible connections leading to the main Board.

The power mirror has reworked the design, in particular, the actuator of the mirror moved.

As with other complex electronic devices with high packing density, many nodes easier to replace the whole thing. In the case of the EOS 5D IV this refers to the upper part of the body.

Source: LensRentals



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