Camera Arecont Vision MegaVideo 4K is designed for video surveillance systems

Simultaneously with IP cameras MegaDome G3 and G3 RS, the company Arecont Vision has introduced another model for video surveillance systems. It’s called 4K MegaVideo. As you can guess from the name, this IP camera supports a resolution of 4K (3840 × 2160 pixels). Of course, shooting at 1080p. In the first case, the frame rate is 30 fps, and the second of 60 fps.

Camera Arecont Vision MegaVideo 4K is designed to be installed indoors, but as options available boxes for outdoor installation. For power you can use PoE or the AC adapter that generates a constant voltage 12-48 V or an alternating voltage of 24 V.

Thanks to the technology NightView, the camera can work in low light in the dark. To improve the image quality in this case, you can resort to binning (at the cost of lowering the resolution to 1080p). In rooms with bright light and high contrast will be in demand support for advanced dynamic range (WDR). Among other traits MegaVideo 4K can highlight the presence of a microSD slot and support PiP function for simultaneous display of all images and a separate area with the increase.

The manufacturer offers three options MegaVideo 4K, which differ by the focal range of the lens: a 4.4–10 mm, 12-50 mm 30-120 mm.


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