Called «the most physical country,» according to Fitbit

Fitbit, which produces fitness bracelets, has processed the available statistical data, and identified «the physical country.» It has earned the title of Ireland. The calculation takes into account the data of more than 20 million users of the Fitbit wristbands around the world, such as sleep duration, performance reminders about the need to move the number of steps per day, activity time during the day and heart rate at rest.

In second place is Britain, the third — Sweden. The top five also included the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Interestingly, on average the most steps per day — 9023 — do users from Spain, who finished in overall seventh place. Most sleep — 7 hours and 15 minutes a day — UK residents and the most active were those who live in Switzerland.

On this occasion, the producer said that he has already managed to sell over 63 million units, and the number of registered users exceeds 50 million people in 65 countries.

Source: Fitbit



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