Called the cost per flight hour, and other characteristics of Autonomous, flying taxi, which develops an Airbus

In the event GTC 2017, Nvidia held this week, Airbus revealed new information about his flying taxi.

The Vahana project, implemented by the division of the Airbus A3, provides for the establishment of an aircraft on electricity, taking off and landing vertically. A taxi will be unmanned. It will be able to carry on a short distance of one passenger or corresponding weight and dimensions of cargo.

It is assumed that this combination of qualities will allow to do without the construction of special platforms. The unit will be able to use for takeoff and landing conventional car parks, taking the place allotted for two cars.

Flight from San Francisco to San Jose will last 15 minutes, while the train needs an hour and a half to cover this distance. On the assessment of the Airbus flight hour cost self-driving flying taxi will be approximately $175. This is three times less than a modern helicopter. The range will be around 110 km.

The company expects that full-sized prototype will make its first flight before the end of this year, and is ready for mass production available for demonstration in 2020.

Management of a taxi will be assigned to a computer system with a GPU which works on the principles of artificial intelligence, allowing it to self-learn, to discover birds and other obstacles and react quickly to environment changes.

Source: Nvidia


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