Cabinet 140 mm fan Cryorig QF140 Performance creates an air flow in a 217 cubic meters per hour

The company has introduced a line of case fans QF140. As you might guess from the title, this 140-millimeter models.

The line consist of two models: QF140 Silent and QF140 Performance. And here, too, it is clear that the first differs from the second rotation speed and, consequently, noise.

QF140 Silent rotates at a speed of 200-1000 rpm, creating a noise not more than 19,5 dB at maximum air flow 71,5 m3/h Model Performance QF140 is rotated at a speed of 600-1850 rpm at a noise level no more than 38 dB. The production capacity reaches an impressive 217 m3/h.

The size of the innovations is the same: 140 x 140 x 25.4 mm and weight was 159.3 g. Fans have 11 blades and is only available in the color that you see in the photo. The price of any of the models $ 15.

Hence, the


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