C Teddy bear Parker the Bear Apple offers to play through augmented reality

As you know, with the release of the new iPad Pro, smartphones next-generation iPhone, Apple puts a special emphasis on augmented reality.

And while this trend is just beginning to develop, the company decided to attract the most ignorant in the subtle nuances of modern technology users. Apple acquired exclusive rights to sell toys Parker the Bear company Seedling.

Parker the Bear is a Teddy bear. In Western markets such well-known mainly under the name «Teddy». But in this case, the bear is not simple, but quite modern. Play with it is offered through augmented reality using tablets or smart phones Apple, running iOS 11. How this is implemented, it is easier to understand from the video.

Except the bear is supplied with a set of doctors, and its elements are made of wood. The toy is designed for children from three years and is estimated at $ 60.

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