Bypass locks of banned sites in Russia want to do the impossible

According to the publication Vedomosti, Roscomnadzor has prepared a bill that prohibits the use in Russia of an information system and a program that allows users to bypass the blocking of websites with illegal content.

The bill says that the anonymous proxy servers (anonymizers), and virtual private network (VPN) should be required to block sites from the register of banned resources. The authors of the project want to make it so that users could not go to resources with pirated content. The purpose of the bill is to prevent the dissemination of information prohibited in Russia. Currently the practice of locking resources is not sufficiently effective.

I should add that the technology itself will route traffic through foreign anonymous proxies and VPN services are not illegal. However, they also used it to bypass the lock of forbidden resources.

If the law passes, the owners of these services that refuse to cooperate will also be blocked. In addition, search engines will be obliged to stop providing links to the sites that are blocked in Russia. For violations face fines of up to 700 thousand rubles.

The representative of Roskomnadzor Vadim Ampelonskiy said he had not heard anything about this bill.

Recently RuTracker sincerely thanked the Roskomnadzor for «eternal ban».


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