By the summer of next year, nearly 5,000 hotel rooms Wynn Las Vegas will be equipped with a smart sound system Amazon Echo

We mentioned that the voice assistant Amazon’s Alexa has managed to take the largest number of niches of all such software products. Another proof of the cooperation between Amazon and the famous hotel-casino Wynn Las Vegas, which is the flagship of Wynn Resorts Limited and at the same time one of the tallest buildings in Las Vegas.

In the framework of cooperation, the hotel intends to equip all hotel rooms 4748 smart speakers Amazon Echo with Alexa support. This decision will allow guests to control various equipment of the rooms, through voice commands.

The rooms Echo systems has already begun, but it will be completed only by the summer of the coming year. In the first stage via as you can control the lights, temperature, curtains and TV. In the future, the companies intend to complete the list of functions. Of course, nobody cancelled and the Alexa their own capabilities to provide information from the Network.



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