By the end of the year 100% of global operations of Google will be at the expense of renewable energy

Google has published an annual environmental report, which contains information about the activities of the search giant, which are somehow linked to the environment, renewable energy and so on.

In addition, there is indication that by the end of this year, all of Google’s global operations will be carried out exclusively by renewable energy sources.

At the moment the total capacity of the energy received by the company from such sources reaches 2.6 GW, and in just the last year Google has increased the use of «green» energy of 598 MW.

In addition, Google shares and other achievements. For example, from 2013 to 2016 the company a 40% reduced use of potable water in the Bay area of San Francisco. At the end of last year 865 000 m2 of office space, owned by Google, has received the LEED (Leadership in energy and environmental design). Google also claims that companies that switch to products G Suite (Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Drive and Meet) warn about cuts energy costs and carbon emissions up to 85%.



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