By the beginning of sales of iPhone X Apple will be only 12 million vehicles

Yesterday we reported that according to analysts Ming-Chi Kuo (Ming-Chi Kuo), Apple may collect 40-50 million pre-orders for the iPhone X.

Against this background, the new data is unlikely to please those who are going to buy the next flagship of copertina. According to the source, at the time of the start of sales Apple will have a total of 12 million smartphones.

It is reported that this month, Foxconn will be able to produce only 2 million units, and next will release another 10 million until the end of the year production volume will reach approximately 40 million devices.

That is, if the predictions of Ming-Chi Kuo is correct, the majority will have to wait for your order month, two months, maybe more. It is difficult to imagine how many will ask in the CIS for the non-iPhone X in the case that is formed so serious a deficit.

This time the problem allegedly in the production of those sensors that are responsible for technology Face ID.



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