By 2022 sales of smart speaker systems will grow 10-fold

According to Strategy Analytics, sales of smart acoustic systems in the past year reached 5.9 million units. The market leader is Amazon, which, in fact, instilled him, firing as Echo. But in quantitative terms, the data source does not.

But analysts predict an increase in sales of such products in order to 2022. Sales growth will be driven by the improvement of speech recognition technology and support for new languages.

In monetary terms, the source estimates the market at $ 1.5 billion this year and $ 5.5 billion by 2022. According to forecasts, this year 7% of American households will have smart as, and by 2022, their share will rise to 33%. In Western Europe, besides 2022, only 15% of households will have such devices as the way of wider dissemination will be localization.


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