By 2021 the number of users of augmented reality will be 30 times larger than the number of virtual users

According to the source, analysts of Digi-Capital has revised its forecast regarding the market for virtual and augmented reality. In particular, now analysts believe that the AR market will grow at a faster pace than previously thought.

This is due to the fact that this trend began to actively promote Apple, Google and Facebook.

For example, by the end of 2018, according to analysts, these three companies can bring to the augmented reality segment about 900 million users. By 2021 the rate may rise to 3 billion people. For comparison, at the same time users of virtual reality will be about 100 million Analysts not only think that the AR market will dominate the VR in the foreseeable future, but also its growth will affect the development of the latter.

Despite such a huge difference, income from the segment AR is only about twice more than the income of the segment of virtual reality. This is due to the substantial difference in cost of the devices and corresponding content.

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