By 2021, the market of smart hours on 40% will consist of hybrid models

According to the forecast of experts Juniper Research, by 2021, the market of smart hours will be not less than 40% of hybrid models.

Hybrid smart watch looks like an ordinary watch with an analog dial and the hands, not the electronic display but they are endowed with intelligent functions. Such models are becoming increasingly popular, as many users want to have a modern device, but I prefer the traditional watch design.

Juniper Research notes that hybrid smart watches today is about 30% of the market, so that the increase in the share to 40% within a few years is a record achievement. The evaluation of the same company, in 2021 shipments of smart watches will rise to 60 million units.

Calling the most successful manufacturers of smartwatches, Juniper Research highlights Apple, TAG Heuer, Fossil, Fitbit and Samsung.


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