By 2021, Samsung is investing in the expansion of semiconductor business in Korea almost 19 billion dollars

Currently Samsung Electronics is the second largest semiconductor manufacturer in the world, however, this data for the first quarter. It is quite possible that soon the company will publish information about what the Korean giant has displaced Intel as leader.

Whatever it was, semiconductor manufacturing is one of the main items of income Samsung, and lately, these revenues are only growing.

Against this background, the company intends to invest heavily in the expansion of this business. The source tells about 18.6 billion dollars of investment and create almost half a million jobs!

Of course, these investments last for years. In this case, apparently, it’s about four years. I wonder what the source says about investing inside a purely native company in the country. That is, will be to grow the plants only in South Korea.

In particular, the 12.5 billion dollars will be spent on the construction of a new factory in Pancake, 5.2 billion will be invested in a new production line at the plant in Hwasong.



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