By 2020, the market for CMOS sensors will increase to 13.8 billion dollars

Digitimes Research analysts predict that the supply of image sensor type CMOS will continue to grow until 2020. By the end of this period the sale of this type of product in the world will amount to 13.8 billion dollars.

By the end of this year, the total revenues will reach us $ 11.7 billion, while last year the figure was equal to 10.4 billion.

The market leader is Sony, which accounts for 45% of sales. The company reportedly intends to increase production to 300-millimeter wafers to create the image sensors from the current 85 000 to 100 000 wafers per month.

Samsung holds 15% of the market and also intends to invest in capacity expansion. In the first half of 2018, the company expects to produce 45 000 plates per month.

The source believes that the leader of 2020 will not change. By that time Sony will be increasing production by another 20%.


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