BuzzFeed and now, this will create one hundred and fifty video cameras through Samsung Gear 360

Samsung Electronics has announced a partnership with BuzzFeed and now, this companies, specializing in online media.

In partnership BuzzFeed and now, this will offer its viewers with easily downloadable content captured through a spherical camera 360 Samsung Gear. In more than 140 commercials will be kind of different countries, cities and cultures.

Thus, as stated in the press release, Samsung wants to inspire today’s youth to use its 360-degree cameras to create content.

Video created by partners Samsung, will appear in the network Facebook and YouTube on their respective channels. By the way, these projects illustrate well the fact that neither the producers nor the creators of the content do not really know why consumers need a spherical camera, as there is nothing unique in this kind of partnership is not and it could promote a simple camera, action camera and so on.



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