Buying Mobileye, Intel expects to sell data collected by driverless cars

As we said, Intel over 15.3 billion dollars buys a company Mobileye development in the field of machine vision and of driverless cars. To understand why the manufacturer of microprocessors this acquisition, just remember that self-driving cars are able to collect during the movement of enormous amounts of information, and the information, as we know, can be a very valuable commodity. Data collected by driverless cars, called the key to the deal, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich (Brian Krzanich).

The introduction of self-driving cars, according to estimates by McKinsey & Company, by 2030, will create a market volume of 450-750 billion, mainly due to the purchases made in cars, using cars as entertainment centres and improve urban planning based on the data received from cars.

Of course, the industry will have to define policies on who owns the data, how they can be used and to what extent account should be taken of the user’s desire to maintain confidentiality. Besides the race for data only just begun, so it is unclear what place will be able to claim Mobileye. However, the chances of Israeli companies is quite high, because it owns 80% of the market of driver assistance systems (ADAS) that Intel is probably regarded as a good starting position.

Source: Reuters



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