Budget graphics card AMD Radeon RX 550 Polaris will get a GPU with 640 stream processors

Yesterday, we learned that in early April, AMD needs to announce some new line of Radeon RX 500. In particular, there was a model RX 550 based on a certain GPU Polaris 12. We assumed that this is the same Polaris 11 active 896 stream processors.

But new data indicate that the situation is somewhat different. In particular, in the test CompuBench appeared the result of testing some 3D-card line RX 500, GPU-based generation of Polaris. This is indicated by the code GFX8 for this generation. According to other data, a configuration of the GPU graphics card comes with 10 execution units, in the case of Polaris corresponds to 640 stream processors.

That is, this is a brand new budget AMD. Recall, Radeon RX 460 active 896 stream processors, so the performance of new products, and this is probably Radeon RX 550 will be significantly lower.

It is possible that Polaris 12 is really new GPU, bearing the same 640 stream processors, but there is a possibility that this is still much reduced Polaris 11. The answer to this question we can get only after the first tests. It is also worth adding that the video, despite it has 4 GB of memory.



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