Browser Vivaldi learned to control lighting in the room

Vivaldi browser developed by Opera Software founder Jon von Techprom (Jon von Tetzchner), got one unusual feature.

Vivaldi in version 1.5 introduced the ability to associate work smart lights Philips Hue and the browser itself. Why this is necessary, shown in the video.

Those who did not see in the video is nothing unusual, pay attention to the color of your browser’s design and the lighting color of the surrounding space. Yes, the lamp Hue in this mode Shine with the same color, which is painted in the browser. And he, in turn, depends on the color design of a website.

The result is something like the famous backlight Ambilight, only implemented without the participation of the special monitor. Not to say that this feature is very useful, but the original by far. Moreover, this is only the beginning.

The company intends to develop this idea. For example, in the future about the alert the user will also be able to learn due to light or color smart bulb. And this is quite useful in some scenarios a possibility.

Another innovation introduced in the new version of Vivaldi is also shown in the video. It allows you to drag a tab from one browser window to another, which is useful already those who are actively working in the browser.

Vivaldi also has a button, which is responsible for the increase in the text from the browser address bar.


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