Broadcom offers for all the shares of Qualcomm 130 billion dollars

Just recently appeared unofficial information that Broadcom may buy Qualcomm more than $ 100 billion, and the company Broadcom, not only confirmed the existence of such plans, but also revealed details of the offer made by Qualcomm.

So, the company Broadcom offered Qualcomm to buy back all its shares at a price of $70 per share, paying the purchase money and equity. More specifically, for each share of $60 will be paid in cash, $10 — shares of Broadcom. This amount is 28% higher than the value of Qualcomm shares as of the close of trading November 2 — last day before the press appeared information about the possible purchase. The indicated price is 33% above the average price over the last 30 trading days.

The total amount of the transaction at this price is about 130 billion dollars.

The Broadcom offer would really be regardless of the outcome of the deal between Qualcomm and NXP.

The Broadcom Board of Directors approved the described offer anonymous voting. The company is ready to immediately start negotiations with Qualcomm to develop a mutually beneficial agreement.



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