Broadcom may buy Qualcomm more than $ 100 billion

As you know, Qualcomm is not only in protracted litigation with Apple, but for more than a year is the goal for antitrust authorities in different countries.

Because of all this, Qualcomm shares since the beginning of the year, dipped in price about 20%. Accordingly, the decreased market value of the company. Perhaps this is what prompted Broadcom Limited to think about the option… buy Qualcomm!

According to sources, Broadcom is considering to buy the well-known manufacturer of single-chip systems. Presumably, such a transaction will cost more than $ 100 billion. If it takes place, it will be the biggest deal in the industry’s history.

And in this case it’s not just a rumor. Moreover, the proposal may be made in the coming days. After an appropriate news, Qualcomm shares rose in price by almost 13%, which is the most significant one-day gain since 2008. At the moment, the company is estimated at 91 billion dollars. Most Broadcom shares rose by 5.5%, so the company is estimated at 112 billion dollars.

Note that the Broadcom company Limited itself was founded only two years ago in the process of buying a firm Avago Technologies Broadcom for 37 billion dollars. And now, after just two years is already converted Broadcom with a partially new name is preparing to set a new record for the value of transactions in the semiconductor industry.

However, in this case, the transaction is clearly secured the attention of the antitrust authorities, as Broadcom and Qualcomm, even by themselves are among the largest semiconductor manufacturers, and after the merger will yield only Intel and Samsung.

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