British scientists have taught a computer to forge handwriting

Experts at University College London (UCL) have developed a program able to very accurately reproduce the features of the handwriting. Using as source material writing samples, the program divides them into elements corresponding to the letters and connections. The resulting «font» and can be formed in any text, and takes into account such details as the differences in the distances between the letters in different combinations, and with each new entry into the text in the font style of letters to make small deviations from the model. All this makes the text very similar to real handwriting. According to the developers, the subjects who were asked to determine which of the texts written by the computer, could not answer correctly in 40% of cases.

One of the applications of its development the authors of the program consider the possibility of counterfeit, as the algorithm allows to detect the differences between the original text and the fake, which the author tried to imitate the handwriting of the original author.

Source: UCL


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