British scientists have found that led lights attract less insects

Experts at Bristol University conducted a study in which they found out that the led bulb draws much less insects than incandescent bulbs. Scientists believe that their work can help in the fight against diseases that carry insects, e.g., malaria.

During 18 field tests were evaluated attractiveness of different light sources for insects. If you believe the calculations, the led lamp arrives in four times less insects than incandescent lamps and two times less than fluorescent bulbs. Moreover, the «biting insects» even more prefer incandescent lamp: 80% of them came to an incandescent lamp, a 15% to fluorescent lamp and by 2-3% in each of the two different led lamps. The result is as vivid as they are predictable: if scientists knew that the lamps emit not only in the visible spectrum, and blood-sucking insects attracted to the light and heat, that field testing would not be necessary. However, the explanation may be hidden not in the features of the training of British scientists, but the fact that the study was funded by the manufacturer of led Lam Integral LED.

Source: Integral LED


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