British scientists have created a one-dimensional stable material with the properties of metal

A two-dimensional material graphene, which is a layer of carbon with a thickness of one atom, helped researchers at the universities of Cambridge and Warwick, to create a one-dimensional material with the properties of metal.

One-dimensional metal material — the thinnest possible conductor. However, the structure of one-dimensional chain of atoms is unstable. They are easily destroyed and take other forms. To keep the chain of atoms of tellurium, the researchers placed it in a carbon nanotube. Tellurium, usually showing the properties of a semiconductor in a one-dimensional form, behaves like a metal. Interestingly, the properties of the conductor inside the nanotube depends on its diameter. Moreover, the nanotube itself remains neutral with respect to atoms within it.

The possibility of forming one-dimensional materials scientists associated with the further reduction of electronic devices and a higher degree of integration. Of course, while these studies are very far from commercial applications, but they help lay the physico-chemical basis of the chips of the future.



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