Brand Panono will be saved, and production of camera — continued

A few days ago it became known that the company Panono, created the same camera, sold to a new owner. According to news reports, a Swedish private investor who has acted as the purchaser, intends to resume the work of the company, while maintaining the brand Panono. However, the company changed its name from Panono on Professional360.

It is planned not only to continue the work of software services depends on the possibility of using cameras already sold, but also to expand the range of services and produce new device models.

As for the participants of the fundraiser who have not received camera, the new owner does not have before them legal obligations. However, as stated in the press release dedicated to the early work of the company Professional360, moral obligations are encouraged to seek a solution in which the campaign participants will receive the camera. Specific information on this issue should be published soon.

Source: DP Review


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