Brainternet — the first time scientists have linked the human brain directly to the Internet

A team of researchers at the University of Witwatersrand (University of the Witwatersrand) in Johannesburg during his latest experiment connect the human brain directly to the Internet.

Scientists said that connecting the human brain directly to the Internet in real time was implemented for the first time in history. The project was named Brainternet collected during the experiment data should help developers when creating interfaces for a new generation.

The developers used an electroencephalograph called Emotiv, which reads the signals generated by the brain. These signals are transmitted to the budget PC based on Raspberry Pi that live translates them into data broadcast on a public web site where anyone could observe the experiment.

Project Manager Adam Pantanowitz (Adam Pantanowitz) noted that Brainternet is a new milestone in the development of systems of interaction between computers and human brains: «At the moment it is lack of knowledge about how the processes information the human brain. Brainternet should facilitate understanding of how the brain works by regularly monitoring its activity and providing users with some interactivity».


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