Bragi wireless headphones The Headphone finally went on sale

Bragi wireless headphones The Headphone was introduced in September last year and the beginning of sales was planned for November. However, the opportunity to buy them applicants just now.

Bragi to purchase The Headphone for $ 149 on the official website, the manufacturer promises to deliver them within two weeks after payment. The device is a direct competitor to Apple AirPods headphones, previous sales data which was too high.

Recall that in Bragi The Headphone there is no activity tracker that is present in the Bragi The Dash cost $ 299. Headphone compatible with any device that supports Bluetooth 4.0. Bragi The Headphone reproduce sound in the range of 20 to 20,000 Hz, allowing you to completely block out external noise or to make the user aware of what is happening. The battery capacity of 100 mAh charging in 2 hours and allows the headset to work up to 6 hours.

Bragi, The Headphone has got three physical buttons, which will allow you to control playback and volume, take calls and so on.


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