Bragi The Headphone is a more affordable version of wireless smart headphones Bragi The Dash

A couple of years ago, the company Bragi has collected nearly 3.4 million dollars for the release of «the world’s first wireless smart headphones The Dash are now available at a price of $ 300.

This week the developers presented the Bragi wireless headphones The Headphone which will go on sale in November at a price of $ 150. However, we can already pre-order for $ 120.

Bragi The Headphone lost the activity tracker, which is present in the Bragi The Dash. Headphones feature Bluetooth version 4.0, they are compatible with any device that can work with this technology. Bragi The Headphone reproduce sound in the range of 20 to 20,000 Hz, allowing you to completely block out external noise or to make the user aware of what is happening. In idle mode, the headphones can hold a charge up to 250 hours, the battery capacity of 100 mA•h is enough for 6 hours of work. They are fully charged in 2 hours.

Bragi, The Headphone has got three physical buttons which have been replaced with touch controls Bragi The Dash. They allow you to control playback, volume, «transparency of sound» (audio transparency — a principle of function described above), make calls and so on.


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