Bracelet Sgnl uses the principle of bone conduction to let users talk to «on the phone» using the finger

In the video below you can see how unusual bracelet Sgnl, which its developers raise funds on Kickstarter.

To begin, we note that if the requested $ 50,000 has already collected almost 900 000 dollars, so the campaign has clearly succeeded.

So, Sgnl — a bracelet that allows you to talk «on the phone» with his finger. But it’s apparent from the video. The essence of the device in that bracelet paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth, and then it comes in the so-called bone conduction. The sound through vibration is transmitted directly to the inner ear. Of course, if to your ear hold the object, transmitting the vibration.

In the case of Sgnl by this object acts as a brush in General, and any finger in particular. Looks quite original and in some ways even futuristic, but in fact this technology is nothing new. It has long been used in military equipment, and consumer devices that use the principle of bone conduction has already been present or was present in the market. Of the most famous you can remember Google Glass and frameless smartphone Sharp.

Sgnl advantage that it can be used with any watch or do without them. The bracelet has buttons for volume control and mute switch. Bracelet, by the way, alerts you to an incoming call through vibration.

Built-in battery should last up to 4 hours talktime or a week in standby mode. The bracelet is compatible with smartphones running Android 4.4 and later and iOS 8 and newer. Also Sgnl protected from moisture and dust (IP56). The cost of the bracelet is $ 140. Supply should begin next year.

An interesting fact — the project Sgnl came under the wing of the laboratory Samsung C-Lab.


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