Bracelet Fitbit Flex 2 exploded on the hand of its owner, not by himself

The story of the bracelet Fitbit Flex 2, which exploded on the hand of its owner, will be continued. In short, the manufacturer was able to figure out what the bracelet did not blow up by itself, although it tried to present the case the victim received second-degree burn.

«The device was damaged in the result of external influence» — leads the source words of the representative of the company.

This conclusion was made on the basis of preliminary investigations undertaken by the manufacturer. The investigation included the study of the damaged device experts, an independent company specializing in the elucidation of the causes of the accidents. Allegedly, the device was working properly, but under the action of external forces have been injured.

Before this incident, the company Fitbit has not received any reports of explosion Flex 2, so the manufacturer is sure that wearing the device is not dangerous.

Source: Engadget



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