Boxing LenzO allows you to remove the Apple iPhone 7 under water

On land most of the shots have long been done with the help of the built-in cameras of smartphones, but under water is dominated by cameras as standalone devices. Open a new area of use of the Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will offer creators of a product called LenzO.

LenzO — underwater case, designed for depths up to 100 m. It provides access to all of the usual functions of the built-in camera of the smartphone. In addition, the box has two fixing points of the tripod. Note that the box with a smartphone inside has positive buoyancy.

Now on Kickstarter is a fundraiser for release of LenzO. The most agile participants box will cost $230, but only the authors of the project want to collect at least $60000. So far collected only the fourth part of the sum, but the collection has just begun. If he is successful, the shipment of finished products, the developers expect to begin in April. Later boxes should appear in retail for about $400.

Source: Kickstarter



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