Bowens eliminated

Company name Bowens familiar to those who seriously is engaged in Studio photography. A company with 94 years of history specializiruetsya on lighting equipment and accessories for Studio shooting. The first electronic Studio flashes Bowens was released in 1950. Until the sixties, these products were bulky, as fed from external generators connected by cables. Aligning the first power supply and flash in one unit, the company Bowens in 1963 ushered in a new era in Studio lighting. Close-coupled arrangement has become a de facto standard used today.

Now the source has published the unexpected news that the legend of the industry has started the procedure of elimination. While this information is not confirmed neither the company Bowens or investment company Aurelius, which bought Bowens a year ago. However, knowledgeable informants claim that information about the elimination of true. According to them, the staff of the company has received appropriate notification.

The reason he called the growing competition from Godox and other young companies.

Source: DP Review


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