Bored in traffic Elon Musk promises to do the laying of tunnels

A few days ago, CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX Elon Musk (Elon Musk) on his official page in social network Twitter has given fans a reason for heated discussions.

Elon Musk has literally said the following: «the Traffic drives me crazy. I’m going to build a machine to drill tunnels, and just start digging…».

Then followed a couple of phrases, which is clearly evident joking tone: «we’ll name the Company The Company Boring», «Boring is what we do.» It is important to pay attention to the word play. Boring c English is translated not only as «drilling», but as something boring and uninteresting.

After these messages the Musk added a more serious promise, «I’m actually going to do it.» And then in the description of the profile, next to Tesla, SpaceX, OpenAI appeared above the tunnels.

Now the attention focused on the page, Elon musk, where on December 17, there are no new messages.

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