Boom Technology showed a prototype of a supersonic passenger plane XB-1

Supersonic passenger Airliners — birds are rare. More precisely, were rare, as now in operation there is not a single model. Yes, and there were two: the legendary Concorde and the Soviet Tu-144, but the commercial life of the latter was restricted to just seven months.

Meanwhile, various companies do not leave the idea to build a new modern supersonic aircraft for the carriage of passengers.

Boom Technology the company showed a prototype of a similar aircraft called the XB-1. He’s already nicknamed the Baby Boom. Unlike many other similar projects XB-1 should fly up in the sky next year. However, the first flight will be subsonic.

However, be aware that the Baby Boom, despite the fact that a full plane (even at this stage yet and the prototype) is only threefold reduced version of the airliner that Boom Technology intends to eventually bring to market. This model is designed for two pilots and one flight engineer, while a full version will be able to carry 45 to 55 passengers. The cruising speed will reach M=2.2, which is approximately 2300 km/h with altitude. The flight between London and new York at this speed will take only three and a quarter hours. The company promises to introduce a full-sized aircraft in service in the early 2020s.


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