Books about love: the 11 best heartwarming works

Books about love is filled with misunderstandings between the lovers, heroes, unrequited feelings, grievances, bitterness, disappointments and losses. Reading a romantic piece, we are transported into a world filled with interweaving of tragic events and drama of love. In life and in the pages of the books there have been difficult life events affecting most secret depths of the human soul. Today we offer you 11 works of love, which won the hearts of readers around the world.


Kazuo Ishiguro

In 2017 the Nobel prize for literature was awarded to British writer Kazuo Ishiguro. His fiction novel «never let me go» – difficult to understand, tragic and memorable. The events in the piece are quite cruel, in describing the touching scenes of the hard life of cloned people. Love the two main characters, Kathy and Tommy are doomed, because their destiny is only death. The novel «never let me go» attracts readers like a magnet, where Kazuo Ishiguro’s quiet, on a minor note leads the reader to a tragic end of life and love.


Colson Whitehead

In the novel Coulson Withada «Underground railroad» it is about a black slave Cora and her partner Caesar. Together they flee from evil slave plantation owner, using the underground railroad as saving path to long-awaited freedom. Life events the novel is filled with terrible and absurd misadventures. Sensual ocean of emotions experienced by the heroine of the novel, filled with unfulfilled hopes and unrealistic expectations.


Joanna Lindsay

Romance novel angel Johanna Lindsey tells the reader about a bright, lively, cheerful, emotional and kind character who occasionally annoyed with their childish antics, but is still nice. The man of her dreams is a strong and reliable partner. The writer is so realistic love described the events of the main characters, is filled with not only passion, but also funny moments that they long remain in the memory of the reader.


Donna Of Tartt

Psychological and romantic piece, «the Goldfinch» Donna Tartt filled with extremely bright artistic prose. The book «the Goldfinch» is absolutely not similar to the ladies ‘ affair. Melodramatic love moments relationship – beautiful and heartfelt, but the story about the main character in first person makes clear how difficult life journey and the sensual atmosphere of the hero of our time. The novel is recommended reading for readers under the age of majority, as it addresses global problems of the modern society like alcoholism and drug addiction (and not as a psychological and social perspective, and with scrupulous description of «brittle», «parishes» of drug addicts).


Françoise Sagan

A fascinating novel «Hello, sadness!» writer Francoise Sagan read in one breath. Easy the story of women’s history love – realistic and close to reality. No tearfulness and sensuality. Five of the main characters of the novel trying to find a moral balance life’s pleasures and strict prohibitions. Sympathy for the main character makes literally get used to her role, experiencing sorrow and joy. However, the product is more than laced with sadness and despair of events.



Alison Lurie

«Foreign communication» is a flawless novel, Alison Lurie, in which love and loneliness are intertwined into one. The story is about fifty-four year old literature Professor Vinnie miner, which nature has not given you beauty, but fate played a joke on his personal life. Partner of the main character Fred Turner can’t stand London, but in England they will entangle tight cocoon of love, sorrow, passionate madness and specific satire.


Elizabeth Straut

Romantic drama «Olivia Kitteridge» takes us to the complex life filled with petty troubles and sorrows, depression, loneliness, lack of understanding, alienation. Elizabeth Straut clearly shows readers what the unspoken words of love. Youth and old age is not deprived of suffering and hope. Heroes of old age trying to find the love of your life, even stepped on the threshold of old age.


Toni Morrison

Beautiful, sensitive, yet challenging speech writer Toni Morrison was moved to the pages of the novel «Beloved» is a staggering, tragic events in real life. Life story of the protagonist’s slave plunges into shock, and causes great feelings of compassion and grief of loss. Reading the product «Lover» once again we can confirm that a mother’s love is strong and has no boundaries.


Michael Cunningham

A multilayered novel by Michael Cunningham «the Hours» collects pages, the events of the three main characters, as a life mosaic. A time of love and the complex intertwining of the three women’s fate takes the soul and gives a complete picture of how love can be bitter. Intriguing developments of the work «Clock» shows different expressions of love and lead to an abrupt end.


Elizabeth Gilbert

Mind-blowing novel, «the Origin of all things» Elizabeth Gilbert tells the reader about the incredible and exciting life women botanically named Alma Whittaker. Erotic moments, featured on the pages of the novel, inherent in mystical mystery. The storyline captures from the beginning to the very end, in which the main character comes to the conclusion that life is lived not in vain. «The origin of all things» is the Saga of a wise and intelligent woman.


Anne Tyler

Anne Tyler has written an excellent piece «breathing Lessons», which refers to touching and tranquil family history of Ira and Maggie. Life loving to crumble under the words unsaid. The novel «breathing Lessons» teaches readers how to endure the vagaries of a loved one.

Offer in the comments to share your favorite authors of books on love that should read quiet evening.

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