Boho style: Bohemian colorful fashionistas

Boho style attracts the interested views of many fashionistas. Layered bright outfits do not remain without attention and do not allow to get lost in the same type of images.

Boho style: what is it

The concept of a boho means Bohemian style, which has found a harmonious blend, at first glance, incongruous things. It allows you to unleash the imagination and to unite in one way, expensive exclusive items and vintage jewelry with cheap counters.

With all this dissonance, the way the design looks quite harmonious and stylish.

Boho prerogative of creative individuals who try to Express their principles and character, even in clothing. With the inception he was the favorite style of musicians, artists, actors and unrecognized designers.

Boho style is divided into several subcategories:

  • new hippie
  • eco-style
  • boho chic
  • hobo style

The most popular among modern fashionistas style boho glamour. It is closest to modern realities and maximally stresses the refinement of female nature.

Boho glamour is lush and layered dresses with plenty of ruched, draping and ruffles.

One of the varieties of boho-glamour – historical boho, images which resemble the costumes of court ladies of past eras. To wear every day, these outfits are unlikely to succeed, but to use an image for a romantic evening is quite acceptable.

Eco-boho main aim of the use of natural fabrics. Proponents of eco-style refuse to use in sewing leather and fur of animals. A distinctive feature of the clothing style, the eco – dim the colors and the abundance of vegetable prints.

Incredibly attractive outfits in the style of ethno-boho. Clothes decorated with bright, geometric or abstract patterns and reflect the spirit of a certain era.


The abundance of embroidery, crystals, compositions of crystals and sequins can best convey the basic nuances of style ethno-boho.

The last offshoot of the boho hobo style. Despite the name, the style is very popular among ordinary women of fashion and among celebrities.

To create an image in a bum-style, not necessarily to stir up sales and second. In the designer stores many things artificially aged specially for lovers of this fashion trend. Complement the image of accessories in vintage style.

Overall, the design is a combination of various styles, textures, colors. It allows you to use clothes to show their personality, choosing the things you most love.

Fans of the boho with each passing season only increases. Ladies tired of the boring glamorous style that is constantly flashing on television screens and on magazine covers.

Bohemian style trendy alternative to the strict standards dictated by the guru of the fashion industry.

The color scheme of the style boho

Boho means absolute freedom in the color combination of elements of the image. The majority of Luke’s stylish Bohemian style combine bright juicy shades.

The main rule – the more colors in the image, the more attractive he looks.

Max patterns and prints that will accentuate casual free style boho.


Clothing style boho pleases a variety of materials. Most often used velvet, linen, lace, silk, knits, lace. They all look appropriate even in a single image.

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear about Bohemian style is a multi – tier combinations of clothes.

Layering is achieved through the use of materials of different textures – lace, satin, translucent. Rough, wrinkled fabric or artificially aged materials are best evoke images of the Bohemian style.


Fur is often found in fashionable bows in the style of boho. Fans of eco-style deny the use of materials of animal origin, so in their images there is only faux fur. The other ladies try to decorate collars and vests natural fur.

Stylish images in the style boho

Initially the layered images were designed to hide the wear clothes, covering the old stuff more than new. But as is often the case in fashion forced the need for fashionistas of past eras turned into a modern and stylish trends.

The main target audience of designers, design is a creative young people wishing to Express individuality and reflect in their clothing preferences.

How many years ago Bohemian style attracts the attention of open-minded individuals, for whom the way they look, is not the primary problem.

Stylish winter images in the style boho

Stylish and warm – that can characterize a winter boho look. For an attractive image of a Bohemian style, choose a stylish jacket with a bright floral or abstract patterns, unusual coat color or a set of jackets with a fur vest.

Spring and summer images in the style boho

In warm time of the year should think of a stylish way in the style of boho. Because the layered images are hard to use in hot weather.

So summer bows design must contain fewer clothes than usual and are made from natural breathable materials.

Easy dress with ruffles, complemented by a layered modular bracelets, Bermuda shorts with the oversized t-shirt and sandals-lacing – fits perfectly in a Bohemian style.

Boho is not only clothes, but also numerous accessories that allow you to make the image complete.

In summer accessories are especially important. Necklaces, rings, bandanas, headbands, headbands – all this is included in the basic kit design.

In the winter images as accessories used wide belts, big brooches, a small richly decorated handbag.

Hairstyle in the style boho

Oddly enough, but hair is also an integral element of the image of the Bohemian style. For the boho fit loose braid or loose hair, carelessly released the strands with a braided rim on the head.

Boho style so individual that it’s hard to find something that is identical to, but similar bows. Every fashionista in the desire to Express their individuality in the image combines several elements – ripped jeans with branded blouses, long skirts layered with cardigans several sizes larger.

Don’t be afraid that your design will be perceived negatively by others. You will first sign in their environment that took the risk to abandon the fashionable standards and stereotypes and expressed their own preferences in choosing clothes. Believe me, your example will find followers.

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