Boeing buys the company Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation, perhaps due to the development of the aircraft vertical takeoff and landing

The Boeing company announced that it acquired the company Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation, which specializiruetsya on the technologies of Autonomous systems and development of aerospace platforms for aircraft.

For example, you may recall that a few years ago, Aurora Flight Sciences and Stratasys printed on a 3D printer the first unmanned aircraft with a jet engine.

During its existence, the Aurora (1989) has developed and launched more than 30 unmanned aerial vehicles. In addition, the last 10 years, Aurora and Boeing collaborated in the creation of prototypes of innovative aircraft.

The cost and terms of the deal are unknown, but Aurora will continue existence in the form of an independent subsidiary of the Boeing company. It is believed that Aurora needs this huge aircraft including the project VTOL X-Plane (Vertical Take-Off and Landing Experimental Aircraft).

This is a DARPA project for developing an aircraft able to take off and land vertically, to hover, and accelerate to high speeds. And that machine company Aurora, codenamed LightningStrike won the competition, beating including the development of the Boeing.


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