BOE and CSOT are planning the construction of factories for the production of AMOLED panels on substrates 10.5 G 11G

Chinese manufacturers of flat panel BOE Technology and China Star Optoelectronics Technology (CSOT) has built a factory for the production of LCD panels, substrates 10.5 G and 11G, respectively. According to the source, referring to data of the industry, these companies are going further to build a factory 10.5 G or 11G, which will produce AMOLED TV panels.

Enterprise BOE, is designed to produce LCD panels using substrates 10.5 G, based in the North of China, and for the new factory the Central part of the country. Both factories CSOT will be located in the South. The first factory BOE should start production in the first half of 2018, factory CSOT — in 2019. Both manufacturers are investing heavily in manufacturing technology AMOLED by a printing method. This technology serves manufacturers of lower cost equipment and materials. It allows to produce thin, flexible and transparent panels.

Now the main supplier of AMOLED TV panels is the company LG Display, however, the volume of production of television sets with screens AMOLED while not comparable with the production volumes of LCD TVs for the year, the first was released about 1 million units, the second more than 200 million

LG Display also builds a new factory 10.5 G. Production located in South Korea, to produce LCD panels, but over time it preorienting to the production of AMOLED panels.

Source: Digitimes



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