BMW will not introduce support for Android Auto in their cars

Modern car infotainment system is already not so far off from consumer electronics, as it was 5-10 years ago. Besides support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay allows you to further expand the capabilities of automotive systems.

Support for these features, unfortunately, is not yet a standard, and sometimes even in quite expensive cars it is impossible to connect the smartphone in a similar way.

As it became known, BMW cars support Android Auto and will not appear. This was stated by senior Vice President of digital services of the company Dieter may (Dieter May). The explanation was rather vague, but the point was to ensure that BMW prefers to focus on its own platform ConnectedDrive. Supposedly with the development of driver assistance systems, and eventually Autonomous cars will be very important consistent user experience with all the car’s systems. And integrate third-party functions will prevent this. All this suggests that support Apple CarPlay, the German manufacturer of premium segment, too, refuses, although he is not very committed to this function.



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