BMW sold 100,000 electric cars in three years

BMW has announced that over the past three years total sales of electric vehicles worldwide has exceeded 100,000 pieces.

The first production electric vehicle company became the BMW i3, which was released in November 2013. To date, sold more than 60 thousand such cars. BMW calls the BMW i3 the most successful electric car in the segment of premium compacts. Also in a press-service of the company said that 80% of buyers of the BMW i3 previously had cars of this brand. Since the release of the sports car BMW i8 in mid-2014, sold about 10 thousand such cars.

Commenting on overcoming the mark of 100,000 electric cars sold, Executive Director of BMW Harald Krueger (Harald Kruger) said that the next logical step after the large number of electric vehicles on the roads, a common user will be the introduction of automated driving technologies. To set a new standard in this, he said, needs an unmanned electric car BMW i Next, the output of which is expected only in 2021.

In 2018 is expected to launch electric Mini Countryman and i8 Roadster, 2019 — Mini, in 2020 — X3.



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