BMW promises 12 models of electric vehicles by 2025

Electromobile, according to Executive Director of BMW Harald Krueger (Harald Krueger), are today one of the priorities for the German automaker.

During fresh interview Kruger said that by 2025, the company will sell 25 cars with electric motors, 12 of which will be peremeschatsya exclusively with the electric drive train.

By the time the same things like a small range, will remain in the past. After a few years, the cruising range of the electric cars BMW will reach 700 km, according to the head of the company. Not to believe him have no grounds. Today LG Chem has promised to begin the deliveries of new batteries for electric vehicles is that their range will increase to 500 km.

Speaking of 12 electric vehicles, Harald Kruger meant all brands and series, including Rolls-Royce and BMW M. the Electric Mini and BMW X3 will hit the market in 2019 and 2020, respectively.



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