Blue Origin is preparing booster New Glenn with a height of almost 100 m

The company Blue Origin, owned by the head of Amazon Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos), managed without too much fuss ahead of SpaceX and the first to land on the ground the booster. However, to directly compare the development of these two giants will be incorrect, because they have different objectives and different options. At least not yet.

Everything can change in a few years when Blue Origins will launch into space New Glenn. New Glenn — new rocket company, which far exceeds the dimensions of not only an existing rocket company, but even the Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy, and the last haven’t even started. And Yes, Glenn is a New reusable rocket.

A two-stage version of the New Glenn reaches a height of 82 m and a three-stage rises above the earth at an impressive 95 m. However, the same Falcon Heavy, with three boosters, creates more thrust (kN 5200 7600 vs kN), which most likely means a large capacity, although it is only an assumption, as the mass of the New Glenn unknown. By the way, the thrust of the rocket New Shepard is not even 500 kN.

As for the timing, they announced. Bezos assured that New Glenn will fly into space before the end of the decade.

Blue Origin


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