Blue Origin has assembled the first engine BE-4, which will form the basis of the carrier rocket of New Glenn

Last year we reported that the company, Blue Origin may send the first tourists into space in 2018. But for this project she needed a new engine. On such the company has worked for several years.

And now it is reported that after six years of work, the first engine BE-4 is ready. It turns out that he is not to be used for launch vehicle New Shepard, and a new rocket New Glenn. More specifically, the engines of the BE-4 will be used in the first and second (in three stage versions) the steps of the new booster, while the last stage will continue to use the engine BE-3.

Also the engine BE-4 will be able to use a third party company. For example, to adopt the development of Blue Origin may the United Launch Alliance for its launch of the Vulcan.

BE-4 generates a thrust of 500 TC, whereas, for example, the RD-180 engine figure is 390 cu. Blue Origin expects to operate BE-4 will begin in 2019.

Blue Origin


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