Bluboo surpass Xiaomi and Samsung, releasing the first smartphone with Snapdragon SoC 835 and four cameras

Up to this point the only companies that, according to observers, taking part in the race to release the first smartphone with Snapdragon 835, was Samsung and Xiaomi.

Previously it was thought that the first the market will be Samsung Galaxy S8 and Xiaomi Mi6 will be the first among Chinese manufacturers. Now analysts suggest that Xiaomi may launch its smartphone before South Korean colleagues.

But yesterday, another Chinese company Bluboo stated that it is developing a smartphone Bluboo D1, which is equipped with a single-chip system Snapdragon 835. In addition, the device will stand out edge-to-edge design, both cameras, main and front, will have two modules.

Sources report that the development Bluboo D1 is leaps and bounds, so that this smartphone could be the first device with a Snapdragon SoC 835 on the market.



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