BlackBerry is working with car manufacturers on the security systems automotive software

BlackBerry for a very long time is directly related to the car market. It owns a software platform, QNX, which many automakers have developed and are developing software for car infotainment systems.

According to the source, BlackBerry cooperates with at least two automakers working on specialized automobile security systems. This, of course, is not about passive or active safety of the vehicle itself, but the security of it.

BlackBerry the developed system is able to remotely scan the car FOR the presence of viruses and other harmful elements. If any are found, the driver will receive an alert advising him to stop the car. In addition, the service will involve the installation of patches to improve security. This system is already being tested by companies Aston Martin and Range Rover.

When you consider that the market will gradually move to Autonomous transport, security software systems will be not lower than safety of the vehicle itself.

Discuss the BlackBerry may become available in the next year. Directly to the company it can bring in about $ 10 from each car, where it will be integrated.



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