BlackBerry has completed the 2017 financial year with a net loss of $ 1.2 billion

BlackBerry has published a report for the next quarter. This manufacturer 28 February ended the fourth quarter of 2017 financial year.

During the reporting period, BlackBerry managed to obtain an income of 286 million dollars. The cost of production amounted to 114 million dollars, and operating expenses — 229 million dollars, so the quarter ended with an operating loss of $ 57 million dollars.

Because the fourth quarter is the last, became known, and the results of the year as a whole.

BlackBerry revenue for the year amounted to 1,309 billion. For comparison: a year ago it was equal to 2,160 billion U.S. dollars. By reducing costs gross profit managed to increase from 43.6% to 47.1%. While operating losses increased significantly — from 223 million to $ 1,181 billion. Net loss for the year reached 1,208 billion. A year ago this figure was equal to 223 million dollars.

Source: BlackBerry



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